“What is Micronationalism?”

Micronations, also known as Project Nations or Model Nations, are entities or projects that seek to either approach politics and diplomacy from a perspective separate from that of an individual, or to engage in politics and diplomacy as an sovereignty-seeking, albeit internationally unrecognized, state.

“What is Ordonia?”

Ordonia is a micronational project based around the use of online spaces in similar ways to how macrogovernments use physical spaces. It is a nation built on citizenship and residency in an online space, tackling the unique challenges that such a space offers. It was founded on January 25, 2019, by First Citizen Ozycaevias.

“What is the goal of Ordonia?”

Ordonia, unlike many other micronations, does not seek to claim physical land in the world. Instead, Ordonia is focused on building the next generation of political states in the next frontier: online space. Currently, this is a Discord server where people of the world can acquire e-residency and eventually e-citizenship with Ordonia.

“What is the First Citizen?”

The First Citizen is the head of state and government for Ordonia. It is described in Ordonia’s constitution as having the final arbitration on all matters relevant to the nation. The office carries a significant amount of power. The current First Citizen is FC Ozycaevias, who took office with the founding of the nation on January 25, 2019.

“How do I become a citizen of Ordonia?”

Ordonia is currently not open to new citizens. However, once the mechanisms of government are established and the online state’s framework completed, Ordonia will be open to citizens who meet the requirements laid out in its constitution. These include a period of residency on the server, a citizenship examination, and letters of recommendation from current citizens or the First Citizen.

“I am a micronation, how do I conduct business with Ordonia?”

The preferred method for contacting Ordonia is currently through direct-messages on Twitter to @OrdoniaGov. If you are not sending this from an official microgovernment Twitter, please include your micronation’s name and a link to more information.

If contact through Twitter is not possible, Ordonia maintains an official government email at government@ordonia.info . If using this, please include the name of the micronation, a link to more information about the micronation, and a preferred method of contacting back if not the email used. Personal emails are unpreferred, so please use an official email if at all possible.

In all cases, Ordonia will expect the messages to be held to a professional standard with regards to language, presentation, and information.