Information About Ordonia

National Server

Ordonia exists as a nation in the online space. The nation’s community can be found on the Ordonian National Server on Discord.

Ordonia’s untraditional nature is a key point of pride for the nation. If America was an experiment in republicanism, Ordonia is an experiment in online nationhood.

National Symbols

Ordonia’s national symbol is the phoenix star, typically presented as three in a horizontal row. Its national colors are Orodonian Blue (hex #0b1f51) and white.

These are prominent features on Ordonia’s flag and seal, as well as most of its branding on social media.

System of Government

Ordonia’s system of government can be described as a constitutional anocracy, or a semi-autocratic, semi-democratic state. While the First Citizen has almost absolute power as vested by the constitution, the nation maintains certain aspects of a democratic society, including referenda and public involvement in government.