First Citizen denounces Brunei's anti-LGBT laws

The First Citizen has published a condemnation against the nation of Brunei for its human rights violating laws against LGBT, ethnic minority, and other groups.


This condemnation marks one of Ordonia’s first public announcements of foreign macronations, and has been deemed an important moment for Ordonia by the National Communications Office.

National Communications Office issues new guidelines for social media interaction

The national communications office has issued new guidelines for interaction with the nation’s official social media accounts. The full press release is followed:


This policy is currently active on the nation’s official Twitter and Reddit accounts, and will automatically come into effect on any future social media accounts created by the National Communications Office or the Office of the First Citizenry.


First Citizen Ratifies Constitution

The First Citizen announced today that the Constitutional Convention had concluded, and a constitution had been selected and ratified through an Act of Citizenry. This marks the first time in Ordonia’s history that the nation has had a core set of constitutional laws and guidelines, and marks the nation’s first steps toward institutionalizing its government.

Act of Citizenry 1, known as the Ratification Act, was signed yesterday morning by First Citizen Ozycaevias. It provided a 24 hour period of review with the Constitutional Delegation, followed by a ratification of the final proposal by the First Citizen.

The 24 hour review period ended early, with all delegates signing off on the proposal, at 12:44 pm Thursday. The First Citizen then signed off on the proposal at 2:30 pm, putting in motion the mechanisms for ratification. As of that moment, the constitution become the law of the land.

The First Citizen had assured the nation that the new constitution would be implemented by the end of January. With the ratification on January 31, this promise had been kept.

Constitutional Convention Called

The First Citizen has called together delegates from a variety of nations to assist in the formulation and codifying of a constitution for Ordonia. These delegates include citizens of Canada, the United States, European Union, and elsewhere from across the world.

They hope to have the constitution ready for ratification by the end of January, including provisions establishing the duties of the First Citizen, citizenship requirements, and the establishment of a formal legislative body.

“The constitutional convention is underway, and the progress shown by the delegates puts us on track for ratification by the end of January.”

- First Citizen Ozycaevias

An invitation has been sent out for any micronations interested in assisting with the drafting and editing of the constitution to provide input. The government’s policy of international cooperation is part of the First Citizen’s commitment to ensuring the constitution provides a strong foundation for the government.

The current draft lies at 5 chapters and 12 articles, plus a preamble and ratification guidelines.